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Need a chiropractic care?

How do I know if my animal needs a chiropractic care?

The veterinary chiropractors are health professionals, who consider the animal with a global approach.
The goal is the maintenance and the recovery of the health through prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the mechanical pathology of the neuromusculosqueletic apparatus, the spine and the extremities.


Every animal can be checked and treated with chiropractic care, as it is easier to prevent a illness than to cure it once already established.
(Particularly before all physical efforts like events, jumps, races, driving, agility, etc)

At the appearance of the first symptoms:
•    Acute neck and back pain (lumbago)
•    Signs of pain when performing certain movements
•    Undefined lameness
•    Difficulties to get up
•    Irregularity of gait
•    Irregular wear of nails or shoes
•    Hypersensitivity to touch
•    Disobedience when jumping
•    Involuntary change of hand
•    Chronic and acute problems of motion